Diversity Statement

Switchgear.US is a diverse, inclusive, and open minded company where employees are respected, valued, and heard by one another. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where employees can grow, learn, and excel as individuals. Switchgear.US welcomes, values, and admires people from all backgrounds, cultures, ethnicity, religions, disability, age, genders, or sexual orientation to grow personally and professionally by providing opportunities to learn new skills and further themselves in their careers and in their life endeavors.

Vision Statement

Our vision at Switchgear.US is to create an environment that is inclusive, diverse, culturally safe and respectful. We value all employee’s feelings of safety, respect, acceptance, and heard. Switchgear.US supports all our employees to feel their best emotionally and mentally. We are dedicated to ensuring a judgment free, comprehensive, and supportive community as we believe a safe work environment is essential to growth and collaboration. The foundations of respect and inclusivity allows our employees to thrive.

Our tag line is “GREAT AMERICAN SWITCHGEAR”. Let us know how we can help you improve reliability on your system!